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torsdag den 25. august 2011

ScreenFlow 3.0 DOWNLOAD LINK!!!

Hey everyone, got ScreenFlow 3.0 link up!!! It's fully working like a charm. Enjoy ScreenFlow 3 and free updates until ScreenFlow 4. You can download it here!

Screenflow 3.0

What's up everyone, I'm posting a crack of screenflow 3.0 if the one I'm trying atm works. Just to let everyone know.

fredag den 12. august 2011

My thoughts: Anonymous vs. Facebook

Hello fellow people in this world,
First off, thank you a lot for reading this, it means a lot since I'm putting my heart and soul in this.

Anonymous, the group of "hackers" that took down PSN, recently threatened that November 5th, they would attack Facebook. (please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXLxiMemYc0 and return to here)
That might mean we will see no Facebook for a while.
Just to get it out now, I think Anonymous will send Facebook a contract. That they will not store everything done on their site anymore.

Personally I must say this is a serious deal. As soon as they launch their nukes on Facebook, our personal info will be in danger.
I'm not saying you should hurry and "deactivate" your account, as stated in the video above, it's already too late. Facebook has already stored everything about you.

My personal opinion?
Well, I've always been with the "new" hacker groups (Anonymous and LulzSec)
They've been fightning for a good cause, maybe in a slightly wrong way but it's the only way to get the message through to the US Government. Internet privacy is something Facebook, PSN, Xbox Live and many other services has robbed us the latest years. Now, you may think "You're 14 years old, you don't know anything about this."
Fact is, I don't.
I don't know how it was back when Facebook started.
But I know the situation now, and the hackers have told me. The AntiSec project will have my full support, from the start to the end.

Now I can't write anything without repeating myself, I've basicly stated everything above. I encourage everyone to support the AntiSec Project by following @AnonymousIRC on Twitter.

Now, this entire Facebook thing might even be fake.
I've been reading their Twitter Timeline as I'm writing this, and it says nothing about Facebook. (note: I didn't read it closely and only read what was less than 1 day old)
It's not uploaded on an "official" YouTube (do they even have one?), but rather by a random. Though, it looks pretty real.

Now you've gotten my opinion on everything about it.

Peace out,

- Jonas

tirsdag den 9. august 2011

School, Future videos and plans

What's up guys?
This is gonna be one of the 'longer' posts on here.

First off, as said earlier, I'm starting school tomorrow, in exactly 9 hours and 25 minutes from this getting posted.
This will mean a slight cut in videos this year. Maybe.

I've not been posting much in the summerbreak, because I've been weeks on holidays without camera and/or internet.
And I've been running out of ideas, since most Cydia tweaks that has been coming out lately are... Lame. (no offense to the devs)
I'm starting 8th grade next year, which in Denmark is where shit gets serious. You start getting grades that matter, you have to prepare for your exam in 9th grade. Years 0-7 are games. Years 8-9 is where it goes down.
I'm gonna get a shitton of homework, study, put videogames and tech aside. Then, after 9th grade, I'll get to the 3 hardest years of education, where I'm gonna be unable to do anything but... homework. Then the university eventually and then I'm all grown up. So from now on, not many videos will be posted.
I'll still be tweeting (http://twitter.com/iPTPenguin) from time to time, but I gotta focus on my education.

I have really been doing a lot to do quality videos, and when I return from getting educated, who knows,  the videos might be even better.
And who knows, maybe I will from time to time be able to snatch in a video on YouTube!
Anyway, I can't think of any more to say without repeating the shit out of myself.
I'm going to bed now, pretty early form what I normally do but school is tomorrow.

Peace out,

- Penguin

School tomorrow -_-

Damnit! I was enjoying the summerbreak... Now I'm starting school and going to the dentist tomorrow! When do you start school? What have you been doing? Answer by Tweeting @iPTPenguin on Twitter!

mandag den 8. august 2011

Test Stuffz

Hey y'all, I just got Twitterfeed set up. I'm just testing it right now.....

- iPTP