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onsdag den 26. januar 2011


Hey y'all, would you kindly send me some AppStore/Cydia apps to review? Gladly AppStore btw.

In other news;
iOS: 4.3 for the iPod Touch and iPhone includes a whole new level of security! But do not worry, comex, also known as the creator of the Spirit and JailbreakMe jailbreaks, already found a workaround.
Untethered 4.2 jailbreak: In the Nerd vs. Ninja (MuscleNerd and p0sixninja bet who would first come up with a jailbreak) contest, Ninja and the CronicDevTeam came up with a new exploit. There is only one bug; WiFi bars are missing. It is not likely to be released before 4.3/4.2.5 (w/e comes out last) is released though.

-- TheiPodTouchPenguin

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