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tirsdag den 9. august 2011

School, Future videos and plans

What's up guys?
This is gonna be one of the 'longer' posts on here.

First off, as said earlier, I'm starting school tomorrow, in exactly 9 hours and 25 minutes from this getting posted.
This will mean a slight cut in videos this year. Maybe.

I've not been posting much in the summerbreak, because I've been weeks on holidays without camera and/or internet.
And I've been running out of ideas, since most Cydia tweaks that has been coming out lately are... Lame. (no offense to the devs)
I'm starting 8th grade next year, which in Denmark is where shit gets serious. You start getting grades that matter, you have to prepare for your exam in 9th grade. Years 0-7 are games. Years 8-9 is where it goes down.
I'm gonna get a shitton of homework, study, put videogames and tech aside. Then, after 9th grade, I'll get to the 3 hardest years of education, where I'm gonna be unable to do anything but... homework. Then the university eventually and then I'm all grown up. So from now on, not many videos will be posted.
I'll still be tweeting (http://twitter.com/iPTPenguin) from time to time, but I gotta focus on my education.

I have really been doing a lot to do quality videos, and when I return from getting educated, who knows,  the videos might be even better.
And who knows, maybe I will from time to time be able to snatch in a video on YouTube!
Anyway, I can't think of any more to say without repeating the shit out of myself.
I'm going to bed now, pretty early form what I normally do but school is tomorrow.

Peace out,

- Penguin

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  1. actually goes grade from 8th not count that much im going in 10th grade and as i can say that its more the grade from 9th that counts but they just say that to you to get better grades so u dont feel like "Oh shit" to the exame